Rhetoric was an aspect of writing that I seldom thought about.  I just wrote what came to me, rather than planning out and thinking about what arguments would have the greatest effect on the audience I was targeting.  My writing has evolved, however, to the point where I can break down my arguments and direct them at specific readers, shaping my arguments to convey the evidence in the most convincing manner.  When analyzing articles, I can now point out the major points and the methods the author uses to convey those points, such as use of ethos,  pathos, and logos.  I discovered that I am the type most likely to use logos due to my logical nature.  I also like to present solid evidence rather than appealing to the emotions of the reader as someone who utilizes pathos would.  An argument I make for using logos over ethos is that I have little to no credibility as a student with no degree.  I am not a published author and have won no major awards or received recognition for my works.  I have included two annotated articles which I believe demonstrate my ability to discern the author’s knowledge of their audience and how they utilize that knowledge.

Annotation Example One

Annotation Example Two

I used my knowledge of rhetorical analysis to provide evidence for a claim I made in essay four.  This essay was designed to display our knowledge of rhetorical analysis and analyze how writers use it to their benefit, earning them the trust of the reader.  I felt that this essay was significant because although we were analyzing the works of others, we used rhetorical analysis in the essay itself.  Rhetorical analysis exists in all pieces of writing because it is how a writer connects with the audience, providing credentials.

Essay Four: Rhetorical Analysis Initial Draft

I was helped greatly on this essay by the resource posted on CROPS about rhetorical analysis, giving me a format to work with as well as clearing up misgivings I had.

Notes on Rhetorical Analysis/Comparison and Contrast Essay


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