In this portion of my portfolio, I have included several journal entries, my initial and final draft of essay two, and the diagnostics that we took in class.  I believe that these journals showcase the progress that I have made throughout this class.  As you go through my journals, the maturity in my writing improves as well as my structure and the analysis I give.  These journals are a direct showcase of the changes my writing underwent as time passed by and I gained more confidence in my critical thinking and analysis skills.  The are a testament to the change that you can bring about by taking progressive steps to improve your writing and literacy as a whole.  I believe that in-class analysis we did helped largely to increase my ability to analyze texts, which is why I have included these ten journals.  They showcase how my critical thinking skills have developed over the duration of this course.


I have also also chosen to include the initial and final draft of my second essay on classification.  This essay was very important to me because it helped me to wrestle with some internal demons I had been holding onto.  It helped me understand why I sought recognition from others, as well as distanced myself from people I deemed unworthy for no reason.  The new found realizations I had about myself helped me to become a better writer.  This essay was not about completing another homework assignment, but coming to grips with problems I encountered in my past that continue to haunt me today.  It really struck me how easy it was to write about something that you are passionate about and that you can draw experience from.  This essay was both a learning experience and somewhat of a rebirth as a person.

Essay Two: Classification Initial Draft

Essay Two: Classification Final Draft

Diagnostics were an important part of the writing process.  They allowed for us to get a gauge on where our writing abilities stood at the beginning, middle, and end of the course.  I personally felt that because they were not graded, diagnostics allowed us to write more freely, with less worries.  This translated to more creative writings, although perhaps with more grammatical and structural errors.  I feel that the importance of the creative aspects, however, were immensely helpful in the class.

Diagnostic One

Diagnostic Two

Diagnostic Three


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