Self Portrait

Welcome to my portfolio for Writing-001.  My name is Raymond Louie and I am a student enrolled at UC Merced for the semester of Fall 2012.  The point of this portfolio is to showcase my growth as a writer and how I’ve become to embrace my unique talents that differentiate me from everyone else.  My goals in this portfolio are to showcase how my writing and reading analysis skills have improved throughout the course of Writing-001, as well as the changes that I have undergone as a person.  I underwent many challenges, such as coming to grips with my own identity as a writer and discovering what I truly wanted from this class.  I had to re-think what I thought literacy meant to me and the role it played in my life.  I hope that you can learn from me, much as I have learned from the authors who have inspired me throughout the course, as well as my peers and teacher that helped me to achieve such drastic growth in such a short span of time.  My opinions of myself as a reader, writer, thinker, and researcher have changed dramatically since the time I first stepped into this class.  I have more confidence in myself and the approach I take towards everything involving literacy and application of critical-thinking skills.  I have included a artifact that demonstrates the feelings I held toward writing at the start of this course.  Throughout my portfolio, I hope you will take these feelings into consideration and realize the changes I undergo as I become more confident in my writing.  The realizations I experience about literacy are of utmost importance in my change.  My journey has a writer has only begun, however, as I continue to discover more about myself and the affinity I hold towards writing.

Essay One: Literacy Narrative Final Draft

The most important lessons I learned were about how to properly construct my essays to provide the reader with a clear idea of what my argument is and the evidence I will use to back up my claims.  I believe that learning to properly structure my essays will help me greatly in future writing classes, such as writing-010 and core.


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