Currently, I believe that the language and words are at a huge risk.  There is no more innovation in the world when it comes to creating phrases that are meaningful and original.  Language has grown stale which makes it that much more important to preserve what we already have.  Dialects and indigenous languages which are fading into history should be resurrected through academics.  People should record and note how to speak as well as write in these different tongues so we can have a better understanding of ourselves and the history it involves.  Language is a part of who we are.  It determines how we come into contact with others, as well as our ability to be a successful and influential member of society by contributing our thoughts and ideas.  I have attached some journals which I believe demonstrate the importance of preserving language and the cultural diversity that accompanies it.  I feel that these journals exemplify my feelings on language and hope that they give you insight into literacy and how important of a gift it is.  These journals also reflect my personal growth as a person and how I’ve come to embrace language, despite having lost my own native tongue in between generations.

Journal on Language

Journal on Cultural Diversity

People often contempt writing because it feels drab and repetitive to most.  However, I can argue that it is not writing they hate, the the rules associated with it.  Grammar and the rules associated with it are often confusing to the writer and serve as nothing but an annoyance.  In class, we collaborated in groups to come up with a fun presentation to teach our peers about several common mistakes as well as writing strategies designed to improve your writing.  I felt like it was really helpful because it is less of a hassle to reflexively write in the proper manner than to go back and correct or revise your writing.  The writing strategies also helped me with the rhetoric essay.  The improved my writing greatly by allowing me to change my style of writing to the point where it was more effective in proving my point.

Reflection on Presentations Journal


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