Collaboration is a mandatory skill both for working in the academic world and outside of universities.  Collaboration allows people to come together and come up with ideas that, individually, might not have arisen.  As Aristotle once said, “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts”.  This was true then and now.  In this class, we often worked in groups, allowing us to answer questions more effectively because we could all bring ideas to the discussion.  This resulted in much better analysis of the texts.  I have attached a journal entry which I believe showcased the best example of how we collaborated as a group.  It was the day which we watched the movie directed by Killbourne, entitled “Kill Us Softly”.  Everyone discussed how they thought sexualism was portrayed in advertisements concerning both women and men.  There were many differing opinions, especially on the topic of whether it was actually worse for women or men.  Although women are more commonly seen as sexual objects, men are targeted just as much with ripped bodies, often with their shirts off.  It was an interesting discussion that brought up many good points.

Collaboration Journal

Another point at which we collaborated was during our peer presentations for common grammar mistakes and writing strategies.  We worked together in groups of three in order to educate our peers about common mistakes that we made in our writing.  I thought it was really helpful because it not only allowed us to learn about our own mistakes, but gave us valuable experience in teaching others how to spot theirs.  I actually took on a larger workload than I usually did because I knew that my grade was not the only one at stake.  I often procrastinate when doing homework, but when people you know are at risk, you feel driven to work harder.  I feel that the most important part of collaboration is that you understand how to work together effectively.  My group split up the workload so each of us wouldn’t have to do too much and reviewed each others work.

Grammar presentation

I have also included essay three because I felt that this was an essay we worked together on, much more so than the others.  We had several days where we worked in groups discussing advertisements.  We also had an extra day of peer review because our essays were dismal the first time.  Overall, I felt this essay gave me the most time to interact with my peers and learn from each other.

Essay Three: Comparison and Contrast


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